• Do you often wonder what your mission in life is?
  • Does the directive to “follow your heart” sound mysterious to you?
  • Do you know what you’re passionate about, yet your passion has become a dusty old rag forgotten in the corner?
  • Does your life lack meaning, although most people consider you very successful?
  • Do you want more clarity, and more confidence?
  • Are your relationships with women hard, confusing or hurtful?
  • Are you in an intimate relationship that is peaceful and friendly, but lacks passion?
  • Are you going through a “midlife crisis”?
Chances are that you are living other people’s lives, not your own. It is so easy to get lost in the noise and the voices of all of those who have influenced our thinking and decision-making growing up, and throughout our adult years. Who are YOU, stripped of your conditioning? What is your life’s mission? Why were you put on this earth? What lights you up? What is your passion?

For me, the word “PASSION” has a lot more meaning than for most people. Your passion is something that is intensely meaningful and core to your identity. It influences your daily activities, your profession, your communications, how you relate, and whether you inspire others. It mobilizes your full energy, mind – body – spirit. It is the most YOU, and it has the magic - magnetic – power to attract to you the opportunities and circumstances you need most.

From passion comes enthusiasm, joy, optimism, clarity, creativity, persistence, and confidence. Passion changes your brain chemistry! It makes you set higher goals. You care less about what others think. You follow through, and you perform better. Passion fills you up, and because you have more to give, you have better relationships.

Spiritual traditions talk about Heaven & Earth, Spirit & Body, knowing-ness & grounded-ness. The heart center is where Spirit intelligence and Body intelligence meet, in the 4th chakra. That’s why “heart” (and “love” that comes from it) has been, and continues to be a word we use to symbolize that power and mystery. “Follow your heart”, “Listen to your heart” are mysterious directives for many men (and women!) who have not had the opportunity to develop their masculine and feminine energies in balance throughout their lives.

Your passion is the product of this powerful heart of yours. Uncovering it will put you in touch with both Heaven and Earth. Will give you a spiritual connection to all that there is (feminine energy), and the knowledge you need to walk your path in this life (masculine energy).


passion purpose mission Success is MEETING your goals. Fulfillment is WANTING your goals. Let your passion give you a sense of purpose, and guide you to your life’s mission. A successful life is not a fulfilling life unless you live it in alignment. Life really doesn’t have to be ordinary. An extra-ordinary life is always just around the corner! Find the gift you were born to give in this world, and give it relentlessly. Both women and the world will appreciate it!

Guys, listen up!

There are two elements that are extremely important for the Masculine: a sense of PURPOSE, and CHALLENGE. Feminine energy thrives on connection, Masculine energy thrives on challenge. The priority of the Feminine is connection, the priority of the Masculine is freedom. Until you live with purpose, welcoming and blazing through challenges, your relationship with the Feminine will suffer. I want to inspire in you a new definition of Masculinity. There is a lot of confusion in today’s society around gender differences and identities. Men raise boys when they themselves don’t know what a man should look like in today’s world, and often times women raise boys with no father figure around, under the spell of the Feminine. Were you one of those boys once? The bulk of our work together is re-discovering your Masculine. Your real masculine is not the Macho, aggressive Man, nor the Sensitive I’ll-do-what-makes-you-happy-honey Man.

Why do I work with men?

The short answer is: because I’m good at it, I like it, and it’s needed. The long answer is: because the way society is set up right now, you as men are at a great disadvantage, and my heart goes out to you. Read more…


intimate relationships

The outer world is a mirror of our inner world. People will respond differently to you once you make changes within yourself. The Feminine will be enchanted by your presence if you are a masculine man, and you live your deepest purpose. You will be able to attract a partner that appreciates and venerates you, enhance the relationship you are already in, or just have a happier life being single.

Know yourself, live with an open heart, and the world will roll in ecstasy at your feet

This is my motto for an approach to living based on self-awareness, deep purpose, and unabashed heart-centered action. Once we realize the places where we had been building resistance, just softening that is all that’s required to get an effect we’ve always wanted. It doesn’t need to be work to make it “work”. Many times the greatest shifts are achieved with the smallest amount of effort. It may look like work from the outside, but it will feel like nothing to you, because discipline will have become second nature, and the momentum of finding more and more satisfying experiences will carry you through with the speed of light because you are living your deepest truth.